A selection of the top movies

Not all of us have a broad overview of modern cinema. The top movie’s rating will help you choose a movie that will not disappoint you, from many thousands of films from various countries and genres. After all, it is based on the ratings that critics and viewers gave to films.You will find it here. The loudest festival premieres, recent box office blockbusters, time-tested classics from recognized directors, or little-known films from all over the world.

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Best New Movies 2018

There was a lot of good cinema in 2018, it was different, it was often new. Remakes and original scripts, film adaptations of classic literature and comics, noir and unbridled optimism, great music, and a complete lack of conversations in the frame, colorful visuals, and severe asceticism of scenes. It is not easy to choose from such a variety of forms and fillings. Nige has a list of Best New Movies 2018.

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Titanic movie poster

Back in 1912, the largest, beautiful liner Titanic set off from Great Britain to America on its first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. A journey that became his last. Director James Cameron, who has been making this film for many years, managed to turn this dramatic, terrible event into a film that became not only dramatic, but also romantic, which made this film a cult.

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