A selection of the top movies

Not all of us have a broad overview of modern cinema. The top movie’s rating will help you choose a movie that will not disappoint you, from many thousands of films from various countries and genres. After all, it is based on the ratings that critics and viewers gave to films.You will find it here. The loudest festival premieres, recent box office blockbusters, time-tested classics from recognized directors, or little-known films from all over the world.

The Graduate

Dustin Hoffman is still quite young. One of his first roles, which, made him a star. One of the most famous comedies in history, with seven Oscar nominations (one for director Michael Nichols). A young college graduate is seduced by a grown woman, the wife of one of his father’s business partners. At first, he tries to resist, but later he gets involved in this not the most unpleasant business – for the whole summer. What can influence his entire future life – work, relationships with a girlfriend, friends, and parents.

La Haine

A film by Mathieu Kassowitz about the events in the ghetto of Paris in the mid-90s. Police brutality has been committed against an Arab teenager. Riots break out and against this background, three friends – a Jew, a black man, and an Arab – find a gun. Since everything happens on a wave of hatred, the decision on revenge comes quickly enough.

The Truman show

What if your whole life is a reality show that everyone watches on TV except yourself? This is glorious movie. You alone, from the very birth, do not suspect that the whole world is watching your every step. It was in this situation that Jim Carrey’s hero found himself. And one day he becomes aware of this.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Director Michael Nichols again (his first directorial job). A classic social drama based on a classic play by Edward Albee. Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the spouses who are revealingly destroying each other in front of the guests. Starting with mutual accusations and showdowns of the usual family level, they gradually move on to such revelations, after which the previous life is no longer possible. Very strong conversational setting.

Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl

The case when it makes sense to talk about the role of personality in history. The film itself did not foreshadow anything special – just think, a light comedy about pirates. Just think, formulaic jokes, tricks, some kind of plot intrigue. But when Johnny Depp took the stage as the now-classic character Jack Sparrow … sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow, everything changed. The comedy instantly became hilarious, the scenes memorable, the dialogues meaningful, in a word, it all turned into an event. And multi-billion-dollar fees. And the fifth part, which is already being prepared.

Tenk├╗ no shiro Rapyuta

Traditionally, no part of this big rankings can be complete without Japanese animation. The Flying Stone is in the hands of an ordinary Japanese girl. All power ministries and departments of the planet need it at once. But the girl doesn’t want to give it up. Together with her friend, she finds out that this stone is the key to the flying island of Laputa. The children go in search of him.

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