Best New Movies 2018

There was a lot of good cinema in 2018, it was different, it was often new. Remakes and original scripts, film adaptations of classic literature and comics, noir and unbridled optimism, great music, and a complete lack of conversations in the frame, colorful visuals, and severe asceticism of scenes. It is not easy to choose from such a variety of forms and fillings. Nige has a list of Best New Movies 2018.

A Quiet Place

A mystical thriller and metaphorical family drama about how people survive in a world where any sound can lead to death. The stars of the Abbott couple are the real spouses Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. An apocalypse or something like that happened on Earth: from the pages of yellowed newspapers, we learn that humanity is attacked by monsters who do not see but hear their victims. Any sound is equal to suicide.

The Abbott family learned to communicate with gestures for the sake of their deaf and mute daughter Regan, and in the new world, this skill was very useful to them. But how to live in absolute silence if there are many children in the house, whose joyful laughter usually means life? Having survived the loss, the Abbots set up a soundproof dungeon for themselves. In it, Evelyn, defying all obstacles, plans to give birth to another child.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

A multifaceted creation by director Martin McDonagh. This picture delighted almost everyone who had time to see it. The main character of the film, Mildred Hayes, was left practically alone with her grief: a few months ago, her eldest daughter was raped and brutally murdered by unknown persons on an almost abandoned road to the town of Ebbing.

The killer has never been found, and the police have no leads. This small town would have continued to live in peace and further, and what happened would have been safely forgotten after some time, but Mildred decided to remind the police of her inaction. To do this, she rented three billboards and placed a rebuke to the local sheriff on them.

Coco movie

Meeting the dead, embodied in walking skeletons, has never been so joyful, soulful, and optimistic as in the family cartoon “Coco” from the Disney studio. Oscar and Golden Globe laureate Lee Unkrich invites children and adults to the amazing Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, which is not complete without folk traditions, fiery Latin American music, and travel to the afterlife. Coco has become one of the premier animation events of 2017, garnering impressive box office accolades and accolades from leading critics.

A boy from the Mexican countryside Miguel Rivera cannot live without music. But he and his beloved guitar are not destined to be together: the fact is that the whole Rivera family cannot stand musicians. This hatred is passed down from generation to generation, starting with the great-great-grandmother Miguel, the founder of the Imelda family. Her husband, who wrote songs, decided to devote himself to creativity and left Imelda with his little daughter Coco. Since then, the River family has erased his name from the family tree. But Miguel manages to find out who his disgraced ancestor was – he became famous as the great singer Ernesto de la Cruz, who won the hearts of millions of fans. On the Day of the Dead, when Mexicans remember their departed relatives, Miguel is transported to the afterlife, where he has a chance to meet his famous great-great-grandfather and receive his blessing.

Avengers: Infinity War

One of the most anticipated and ambitious films of 2018. Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy – viewers have watched the adventures of these and many other Marvel superheroes over the past ten years. Now all these heroes will gather on one screen to fight a common enemy possessed by one single idea – to restore balance in the Universe, exterminating half of its inhabitants.

The two Infinity Stones have already turned Thanos into the strongest creature in the universe. He continues to conquer the planets and destroy those who inhabit them, but his main goal is to get to the other four Infinity Stones. These artifacts appeared at the dawn of the Universe, and each of them is responsible for its aspect of being – space, reality, power, soul, mind, and time. If Thanos manages to get all of them, he can burn worlds with a snap of his fingers, which means that the Avengers and their allies must do everything to stop him.

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