Best movie 2019 reviews

Throughout the history of the existence of world cinema, many films have been created – both good and bad. Hundreds of directors, thousands of actors and millions of viewers decide every day which film is a masterpiece, and which is not. Good films are common, but the best films are rare. Let’s get to know the best representatives of 2019.


One of the most fashionable authors of commercial cinema, Night Shyamalan, hoped to finish his trilogy, at least effectively. But, unfortunately, she did not manage to come close to the grandiose success of Split. The characters of the previous parts ran into a psychiatric hospital to understand whether they are superheroes with incredible capabilities or ordinary freaks with severe mental disorders. This kind of parody of “The Avengers” could have become the original franchise, but the audience did not appreciate the intellectual game of the director.


The love triangle of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jason Clark is already a good enough reason to watch this movie. This is not counting the extremely tense plot, where it comes to such fundamental concepts as passion and death. His longtime love comes to a dreamer fisherman hunting for some mythical fish and announces that her rich husband must be killed when he comes to fish for the sake of pleasure. All you have to do is go out to sea with him and simulate an accident. Her words sound very convincing, and Dill (McConaughey) just needs the money.

White boy rick

On the one hand, this is a gangster film about the ascent of another street legend. On the other hand, a family drama, where the relationship of a fourteen-year-old boy with his father and grandfather is of paramount importance, being the main pivot of the picture. But first of all, it is, of course, a thriller, because young Rick is always on the edge of a knife: the “feds” are after him, and black Mafiosi are just waiting for him to stumble. Yes, and Rick himself has a very difficult character. In general, there is plenty of room for suspense.

The mule

When Clint Eastwood not only directs a film but also plays a major role in it, it is always a celebration. The plot of this crime thriller seems to repeat the famous song by Nike Borzov about a little horse. The veteran of big Hollywood himself plays here an elderly “mule”, whom extreme poverty forced to earn extra money delivering drugs. Clint Eastwood, as usual, makes his film a solid male story, in which guns will certainly shoot, and precisely long before the third act.


Even the most skeptical viewers agreed that Joker is the main cinema event of 2019. For some, this movie promotes violence and lynching, for others, it is about an unfortunate mentally unbalanced person whose madness, alas, cannot be stopped by anyone. And for the third, it is a revenge thriller in which personality disorder is caused by an unfair social order. While everyone is arguing, the box office of “Joker” has managed to pass over a billion dollars, making it one of the highest-grossing films based on comics. Hype, of course, will subside, and the brilliant performance of Joaquin Phoenix and the ominous foggy Gotham will remain in the people’s memory for a long time.

Light of my life

Casey Affleck’s new directorial work strongly resembles the popular video game Last of Us. Post-apocalypse, all women in the world died out several years ago, but there was only one left, and she is the daughter of the protagonist. Now he wanders with her in what used to be called America, passing the girl off as a boy and fearing that when their secret is revealed, the hunt will begin. And of course it will start.

La paranza dei bambini

Adaptation of the novel by Roberto Saviano, author of the book “Gomorrah”, on which the famous TV series of the same name was created. “Piranhas” in this winner of the “Silver Bear” Berlinale are called reckless teenagers who decided to overthrow the mafia families existing in their neighborhood. Taking advantage of their showdown, they decide to start ruling themselves in one of the neighborhoods of Naples. Armed teenagers on scooters are somewhat reminiscent of the heroes of “Romeo and Juliet” from another Italian city, they just die frivolously, unable to cope with the intensity of adult passions.

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