Incredible joker movie

The Joker Movies is the story of a loser comedian Arthur Fleck, who lives with his elderly mother, obsessed with Thomas Wayne, in a small, murdered apartment in a dysfunctional neighborhood; who grabs the most low-profile job and dreams of one day becoming a stand-up comedian and getting as a guest on Murray Franklin’s TV show.

On this path, two small obstacles await him. First, Arthur suffers from a mental illness that causes him to have fits of uncontrollable laughter in situations in which he feels uncomfortable. Secondly, Arthur’s jokes are simply not funny, which people around him do not forget to carefully remind him of, including his mother.

However, this does not prevent Arthur from living in his fictional world and continuing to dream until the real world gives him a series of kicks in the ass, which the already unstable comedian simply cannot stand. However, the filmmakers are so free with the reality that at a certain moment you realize that you cannot say with certainty what really happened in this film, and what is the fruit of the sick imagination of Arthur or, say, his mother.

Movie facts

The Joker is DC’s first serious adult film experiment based on its comics. The solo film of Batman’s main enemy will show not only the formation of a supervillain from an ordinary comedian Arthur Fleck, but will contain violent scenes of violence, for which the picture has already received a foreign label – an R rating, and in our box office, accordingly, the film comics should receive an age limit of 18+

The timing of the picture was released for more than two hours. The director, screenwriter, and even one of the producers was the famous film director Todd Phillips, famous for the trilogy of comedies Bachelor Party in Vegas (Close Up, Guys with Trunks), Scott Silver became the co-writer (And the storm burst out, Fighter), and also among the producers of the actor’s Cooper is listed (The Avengers: Endgame, Drug Courier, A Star Is Born), and the music was written by Hildur Gudnadottir (Assassin 2. Against All, Mary Magdalene).

Arthur Fleck’s image is truly disturbing, sympathetic, and repulsive at the same time. The Association of Victims of the 2012 Mass Shooting at the Aurora (Colorado) Cinema, which took place at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, knowingly accused the creators of the Joker of trying to whiten the image of a psychopathic killer – the character of Joaquin Phoenix is ​​really pitiful. At the same time, he is seriously scary. And this uncomfortable duality of the hero is probably one of the strongest and weakest aspects of the film – after all, no one wants to admit sympathy for the killer and the psychopath.

  • PROS: Joaquin Phoenix’s demonic game; an unusual reading of a very famous image; visual style of the film; impressive work of make-up and costume designers
  • CONS: The film causes anxiety, it is very uncomfortable to watch
  • CONCLUSION: Undoubtedly one of the strongest films of recent years, which is nevertheless very difficult to watch

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