Following in the tradition of the new Greek Cinema phenomenon, Athens-born director Phedon Papamichael brings a searing expose of the fragility of the human psyche in his new short film “A Beautiful Day”. Gene (James Brolin) gets up day after day and follows the same monotonous routine that he has lived since the death of his wife ten years earlier. He is aging fast from illness and loneliness and has given up on the future. Today, however, he awakens with a new determination to end the life he has known. Today, there is a new resolve that will change the course of everything.

The film is led by Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor James Brolin, who has appeared in films such as CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, ANTWONE FISHER and SISTERS, and is best known for his role on the hit ABC drama MARCUS WELBY, MD. It also stars acclaimed actress of stage and screen, both film and television, Frances Fisher, whose credits include UNFORGIVEN, TRUE CRIME and, most notably, playing Kate Winslet’s mother in TITANIC.

Directed by Academy Award nominated cinematographer and award winning director Phedon Papamichael, who has worked on countless films, including multiple pictures with directors Alexander Payne and James Mangold, and is known recently for his nomination for NEBRASKA. He was joined by an all-star crew including Director of Photography Cory Geryak (THE DARK NIGHT TRILOGY) and producers Casey Cannon (MEN IN BLACK, JERRY MCGUIRE, CONGO) and Angeliki Giannakopoulos (MY CHILD, MOTHERS OF WAR).